30-Day Male Hormone Body Transformation Weight Loss

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The Male Hormone Body Transformation System is the ultimate 30-Day weight loss program to help you lose weight, increase muscle mass and boost stamina levels.
Part Number: 30-Day Male Hormone Body Transformation Bundle
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Feature: 30-Day Program Includes: 2 PaleoBolix Shakes, 1 PaleoXCore Accelerator, 1 Revive ATP, 1 Testevo, 1 Libido Max, Weight Loss App, Virtual Coach Support
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*The Male Hormone Body Transformation Weight Loss Program is the ultimate 30-Day system to lose weight and boost stamina levels.  The synergistic blend of formulas support testosterone levels, libido, stamina, energy, muscle mass and weight loss.  In combination with the cutting-edge nutritional formulas, you will get all access to INEVO Body's weight loss app and a virtual nutrition coach.  Meal plans, recipes, grocery lists, food guides and more can all be found in the weight loss app.  Your virtual nutrition coach can answer any questions you have and support you along the way.  

Weight Loss App, Meal Plans, Grocery Lists, Recipes and Virtual Coach

  • The PaleoCore Diet focuses on primal paleo eating to help boost muscle mass, endurance, stamina and libido
  • The meal plan eliminates grains, gluten, dairy, legumes, beans and excess sugar
  • 4 Weeks of meal plans, grocery lists and 100+ PaleoCore recipes to use
  • Cooking videos and nutrition education guides to make losing weight and boosting stamina easy
  • One-on-one virtual coach support to answer any question and support you along the way

What’s in the PaleoBolix Shake*

  • A 110 calorie per serving blend of MCT oil fats, HydroBEEF protein and 7 grams of satiating fiber
  • A daily dose of bio-available vitamins and minerals to help support nutrition optimization
  • HydroBEEF Protein is a pure bone broth protein that contains collagen peptides that are naturally found in beef
  • Glucomannan fiber supports satiety, weight loss, lipid metabolism and digestion
  • Approximately 15 servings per container

What’s in PaleoXCore Accelerator*

  • L-Arginine and L-Citrulline are the building blocks of nitric oxide production. This synergistic blend can help support blood flow and stamina
  • Folic Acid and Quercetin help relax the blood vessel walls and support nitric oxide bio-availability
  • Vitamin C & E act as free radical scavengers and provide antioxidant protection
  • Does NOT contain wheat, gluten, dairy, soy, egg, nuts, fish, shellfish, artificial colors, artificial sweeteners, artificial preservatives or GMO ingredients
  • Approximately 30 servings per container
What's in Revive ATP*
  • PURENERGY is a patent-protected ingredient that combines caffeine with Pterostilbene, a highly bio-available form of resveratrol. In clinical studies, PURENERGY compared to ordinary caffeine, delivered 30% more caffeine into the bloodstream and had a 25% longer half-life compared to just caffeine alone. This suggests PURENERGY may sustain energy levels longer and have a more gradual finish, thus preventing a typical caffeine crash
  • Peak ATP is a patented form of ATP disodium that has been shown in human clinical studies to enhance muscular growth, power, strength and recovery. Clinical research has shown Peak ATP to increase strength by (147%), increase power by (30%), increase lean body mass by (100%) and increase muscle thickness by (96%) compared to a placebo
  • MecobalActive Vitamin B12 in clinical studies have shown to have a higher absorption rate in the body compared to other forms of Vitamin B12
  • Creapure is an ultrapure form of Creatine Monohydrate which supports the body's production of energy and strength
  • Electrolytes of magnesium, sodium and potassium help support a balanced-hydration state
  • B-Complex Vitamins support carbohydrate, protein and fatty acid metabolism
  • Chromium supports insulin-uptake in fat cells and fat burning
  • Vitamin C and E provide antioxidant protection support
  • Does NOT contain wheat, gluten, dairy, soy, egg, nuts, fish, shellfish, artificial colors, artificial sweeteners, artificial preservatives or GMO ingredients
  • Approximately 30 servings per container
What's in Testevo*
  • PrimaVie® supports free and total testosterone levels in the body
  • Maca is an adaptogen that mimics testosterone to support libido and energy levels
  • Fenugreek supports metabolism and fat distribution
  • Deer Antler Velvet supports a healthy libido 
What's in Libido Max*
  • Tongkat Ali (LJ100) has been shown in a variety of published clinical trials to help optimize testosterone levels, which is crucial for supporting sexual desire and fertility.  Tongkat Ali also supports improved moods and energy levels.
  • Tribulus supports sexual desire and performance by helping the body maintain optimal levels of testosterone, DHT and DHEA.
  • Horny Goat Weed promotes erectile function through its hormone-regulating properties.
  • DIM (Diindolylmethane) and Chrysin inhibit the activity of the aromatase enzyme, which converts testosterone to estrogen.  
  • Ginkgo Biloba promotes normal blood flow for healthy sexual function and performance.
  • Boron supports the conversion of total testosterone to free testosterone and decreasing estrodial levels. 

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Supplement Directions:

  • PaleoBolix Shake:  Blend or shake 1 scoop into 8-10 oz. of chilled water or milk alternative.
  • PaleoXCore:  Dissolve one scoop of PaleoXCore powder into 6 oz. of chilled water.  Drink once daily.  Caution:  Do NOT use if you have low blood pressure.
  • Revive ATP:  Dissolve the contents of one scoop in 6-12 oz. of water according to preferred sweetness.  On non-workout days, consume the drink in the morning or mid-morning on an empty stomach.  On workout days, consume the drink 30 minutes prior to workout.
  • Testevo:  Take 2 capsules daily
  • Libido Max:  Take 2 capsules daily

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